What is the definition of addiction?
What is the definition of addiction?

Hey Class!

I am excited to start a new semester! I am especially excited to start this class because I will be working with the substance abuse population in my practicum. I am excited to use some of the information that I will learn in this class and actual put it to good use. The first week’s content has already been eye opening for me because it has changed the way that I view addictions. Prior to this week’s video clip, podcast, and text, I was under the impression that an addict is responsible for his or her own actions and can control the use of drugs. However, I have learned that although the first use of the drug is voluntary, the addiction takes place when the use of the drug become uncontrollable and compulsive.

I am glad that I have been able to learn this prior to my practicum, which I start tomorrow and am nervous about. I have never worked with this population, so I am interested to see what new things I will learn in this course. I look forward to learning more about addictions and particularly learning what I am addicted to. It is my belief that everyone is addicted to something.

Looking forward to this semester!

Signing off!



2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Ayzha,

    That’s great you’re taking this class while you are in your practicum with substance abusers. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of good information/experiences to share with the rest of us! I think it’s fairly common for people to place a lot of blame and judgment on addicts. But you’re right, when thinking about how chemical dependency changes the brain and then requires the substance to function, we look more at addictions as an illness rather than a controllable behavior.


  2. Hi Ayzha!
    I am also doing my practicum with the addictions population this semester at Charles County Health Department Substance Abuse Center! Where will you be? I’m also very excited and grateful to be taking this course in tandem with that! I think it was very brave and self-aware of you to admit that previous to our first session you believed addiction to be the result of ill-made choices and actions on the part of the addict. I think that is an assumption that is common in our society and it is up to us, as counselors, to be our clients advocates to the contrary of this popularly held belief. Thank you for your admission and your awesome insight and realization 🙂

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