What is the definition of addiction?
What is the definition of addiction?

Hey Class!

I am excited to start a new semester! I am especially excited to start this class because I will be working with the substance abuse population in my practicum. I am excited to use some of the information that I will learn in this class and actual put it to good use. The first week’s content has already been eye opening for me because it has changed the way that I view addictions. Prior to this week’s video clip, podcast, and text, I was under the impression that an addict is responsible for his or her own actions and can control the use of drugs. However, I have learned that although the first use of the drug is voluntary, the addiction takes place when the use of the drug become uncontrollable and compulsive.

I am glad that I have been able to learn this prior to my practicum, which I start tomorrow and am nervous about. I have never worked with this population, so I am interested to see what new things I will learn in this course. I look forward to learning more about addictions and particularly learning what I am addicted to. It is my belief that everyone is addicted to something.

Looking forward to this semester!

Signing off!